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Bowei Logistic


We do not deliver your goods with speed, but we deliver your goods with heart and love. BOWEI LOGISTIC takes good care of your important goods and makes sure it is delivered to the right place at the right time.



Time is always the essential when it comes to courier services. Save your time by posting with us. We ensure your courier delivered to the right place at the right time!


We understand that every items that you post with us is precious and important. Therefore, we take good care of your goods by making sure it is delivered to the recipient. We have a call central which is available on working days for you to catch up with your post!


We have hundreds of order for shipping every years. Loyal customers are the best evidence to prove our trustworthy service.

Logistics is a key component of the modern economy. Its main objective is to get the right materials to the right place at the right time while optimizing the total operational costs of this process. As a Third Party Logistics service provider, BOWEI offers multiple services that facilitate the movement of goods which are freight forwarding, warehousing and ground transportation. Call us and make inquiry for the shipping fee.   

Contact : 05-5430303

Email    : yenmi9913@bowei.com.my        

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