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Bowei Home Deco


– We do not create house for the people, but rather we create a place where it is called ‘Home’ for our precious clients. BOWEI Home Deco was proudly awarded the ‘2018 Best Brand in Residential & Commercial Interior Design Firm Award’.



We do not believe in a one man’s success theory, as we always work as a team. This is what makes us professional. We are a team who experts in interior design. Through the projects that come across us, make us more experienced and understood the needs of the customers.


Creativity and Innovation are the keys of the new generation working style. However, we do not forget the old fashion, but rather we refine it with our expert and innovative ideas to meet the customers’ needs. We find a balance between the old and modern fashions and present the best of the best idea to our customers.


We are always ready to compare our price with others. We provide excellent and creative work for our customers with a reasonable price. The reason behind this is because we own a factory to produce all the furniture and fittings.

Why are we professional? BOWEI Home Deco is an Interior Design firm. We have branches in both Malaysia and Singapore. These 2  Southeast Asia countries comprise of many different races of citizens. We comprehend the needs of the clients through various projects that come across us. Different races of people have their very own kind of taste towards the design of their house. We always provide the expert advise, deliver the finest material and hand out the most indulgent work to our precious clients.

How to find us? In this modern era, the clients can contacts us through a various of ways. We have BOWEI Home Deco Website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat and email! Clients can make inquiries on our Facebook page or any other sort of methods. We will always update our Facebook and Instagram by posting the blueprints, work in progress and more! On top of that, we have set up two branches in Malaysia and Singapore where clients are welcome to visit our showroom! It is located at https://goo.gl/maps/dJB69fpyuzM2.

Website     : http://www.boweihomedeco.com/

Facebook  : https://www.facebook.com/boweihomedeco.malaysia/


Instagram  : https://www.instagram.com/bowei_home_deco/

Contact      : 05-5439888

Email         : clive@bowei.com.my

| 2-43(A) & 2-43A(A) FESTIVAL WALK@IPOH, JALAN MEDAN IPOH 1, MEDAN IPOH BISTARI, 31400 IPOH PERAK. | +605-5430303 | boweimalaysia@bowei.com.my |
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